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Basic Signs and Symbols


“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”


Signs and Symbols are everywhere in our lives, they surround us and in reality the science of images is big business… Think about the logos we see on almost everything in our world today and you start to understand how the words spoken by Confucius 100’s of years ago are still as relevant today.

Signs and Symbols speak directly to our subconscious mind, subtly influencing us day by day, hence the science of images is big business, just ask any advertising executive.

Knowing the basic symbols from which all symbols are formed has never been more important, so to get you started here are a few basic element symbols and their colours.

- Fire: Yellow upright triangle
- Water: White downward triangle
- Air: Red upright A shape
- Earth: Black downward A shape

Because of the age we are approaching (Aquarius - Air Sign) a universal symbol that is great to have around you is the one below…

This symbol contracts the negativity of any other symbol at this time. Place it over any other symbol to neutralise its affect.

If you like this and want to know more about Signs and Symbols we will be happy to write more content on this topic!

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