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More Formations

We learnt so much when we explored the world of formations in our course, now we have even more fun when we go shopping with all of this new information in our heads. So this is another article exploring more formations, we thought it was important to add this into our resource file as you may see them in our online shop.  

The tabular quartz, affectionately known as the tabby, has 2 wide sides and appears flattened. In this formation, the energy is said to flow freely, thereby clearing confusion and misunderstanding. These stones improve communication at all levels, and allows one to communicate with other realms.  They are also said to bring about balance and are able to activate other crystals.

The generator is a very popular shape, and one we personally gravitate to time and time again. These shapes have 6 facets that meet as one central point.  This shape optimizes the healing energy of the crystal and aids focus and clarity. They dissolve feelings of apathy and lethargy and provides one with energy.

The key has either a 3 sided or 6 sided indentation on the crystal. It is said the point of another crystal was embedded in the key shape during the formation process. Keys, as you can imagine, are said to unlock things that are hidden. It allows one to access information, sweeps away illusion and helps in the letting go process.

The record keeper has pyramids etched into the side of the crystal. It is said to contain the imprint of all that has gone before, as well as portals for spiritual wisdom. Some believe that record keepers contain all of the records of lost civilisations making them excellent for past life work. The pyramid is considered by many, to be the perfect balance of mind, body and emotions. This makes the record keeper excellent for growth and re-energising. It is suggested that it is best to work with this crystal one-on-one.

An abundance quartz crystal has one large crystal surrounded by smaller crystals around the base. It is said they assist one with securing the future.  Place this crystal in the wealth corner of the home, that is, the furthest corner on the left hand side of the front door.

The channeling crystal has 7 sides on one side with a triangle on the reverse.  These crystals are said to access higher wisdom, whether that be the higher self, spirit guides or angels. It allows one to access the love and light of the higher realms.  

Self-healed crystals are another favorite. These crystals have been broken but have then managed to heal themselves, this gives us an indicator of where their highest healing potential is, in the world of self-healing. What other crystal would be able to assist with self-healing to the degree of a crystal that has actually done it….?? Such a beautiful crystal…..


Keep an eye out for these crystals in our online store. We love them because they have added so much to our crystal work and we are keen to share them with you.