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Knowing about a stones formation will take your knowledge base to the next level. Does it have a rainbow? Is it a time link? Or an Isis? This knowledge will add another dimension to the healing potential of the crystal. Knowing a stones formation will enhance its actions as you can work with it on another level.

Firstly let’s look at phantom crystals. These crystals look like they have a ghostlike image inside them as they appear to have a crystal within a crystal.  During the formation of the crystal, the growth is halted part way. This gives another mineral the opportunity to be deposited on the surface of the crystal before it resumes growing again. This process is reflected in the characteristic of the crystal, in other words, these crystals are used to support growth and evolution which, in turn, allows one to overcome stagnation.

A barnacle crystal has many small crystals either covering, or partially, covering a larger crystal. It is said that the larger crystal is an old soul whose wisdom is attracting the younger crystals. The crystals are good for groups working together, as well as those working on positions of service such as doctors, nurses, teachers and healers.

A bridge crystal grows out of another larger crystal.  As the name implies, it bridges gaps and brings things together. These crystals have also been called an inner child crystal. They are said to join the inner and outer world, the higher self and the ego and is also said to connect this world to the spiritual. This crystal will also allow one to effectively communicate new ideas.

The Isis crystal has a dominant 5 sided face. This crystal is useful for healing anything broken, whether that be the body, mind, emotions or spirit. It brings about balance and integration. This crystal takes you deeper into your own heart for deeper insights, acceptance and healing. Useful for healers.

A twin crystal that has the same base rock is called a soulmate crystal, one that has 2 bodies running parallel to each other are called a tantric twin. Both crystals must have distinct and separate terminations.  These crystals are said to create a union of energies. They do not necessarily reflect a sexual partner, but are said to heal relationships as they allow a better flow of emotional energy. They teach one to be unique and separate while united in equal partnership. It is said this crystal allows one to gain greater knowledge about themselves and achieve greater acceptance. If you have a soulmate crystal, put it in the relationship corner of the house, that is, the right hand corner furthest from the front door. 

A time link crystal is a facet that is slanted to the left or right. A left slanted facet is said to be linked with the past and allows one to retrieve past lives in order to gain greater understanding of how events have unfolded. They are also said to allow one to access the Akashic records.  A right forward facing facet is said to access possible events from the future. This may be helpful in breaking old patterns. Time links may also connect the right and left brain and remove blockages in either area.

A window is a perfect shaped diamond with no slant forward or backward.  Windows are said to literally be a window into events and emotional responses.  It is said to be a master crystal that can be a powerful asset to aid spiritual growth. They are specifically for personal healing.

We love rainbows within crystals.  Whether the rainbow is caused by a fracture within the crystal, or whether it is due to an inclusion such as rhodium on the surface, the result is an enhanced vibration which helps one deal with negativity. Rainbows resonate with all chakras. They remind you that there is love in your life if you desire it.

Learning about these formations has added more depth our healing practices, such as our meditations and our crystal work. It also allows us to find the most amazing crystals for our store. Keep an eye out for these wonderful formations, there is more to come……