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A little bit about me!!

I was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of discovering crystals and the metaphysical world. I always knew that there was an attraction there but I didn't really begin my investigation into the power of crystals until my mother passed away in early 2018. I knew then that I had to change my beliefs and walk a different path to the one that I'd walked for so long.

My little world now seems to revolve around not only crystals but also trying to lead a healthier plant based diet for not only my health but that of the planet too. And what brings me so much joy is that my children have developed a strong connection to the power of crystals and the life-transforming energy that they bring to our daily lives. Hopefully some of that energy flows through to you all!

I've had so much fun bonding with many people over our mutual love of crystals. I have had the privilege to undertake many crystal courses where I've been able to expand my knowledge on many different levels and I look forward to learning more and sharing my knowledge with you all. 

Crystal Sanctuary was born from the recognition that many people are living with constant stress, including ourselves. As we know, some stress is good as a motivator, however too much can result in ill health. This is the area I feel we can have the biggest impact on people’s lives. If I can encourage people to slow down and become more self-aware then I see that as a good thing. With awareness, we can achieve positive changes in behaviour.

Crystals mean different things to different people. For some, they are just pretty objects that sit nicely within the home. For others, crystals impart strength, confidence and courage.  

Our range of products cater to all - those who find crystals beautiful to look at, and those who want to tap into the metaphysical properties. We are all responsible for looking after our mental and emotional health, we just want to help people do that everyday.