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Palo Santo - Multi-Pack (Two Sizes)


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Palo Santo - Multi-Pack (Two Sizes)
Palo Santo - Multi-Pack (Two Sizes)

Use the drop down box to select which size stick you require, choices are "Regular" and "Thick". Thick pack is about 50% heavier than the regular pack.

Palo Santo has a beautiful sweet and woodsy aroma when burnt and is used in purification ceremonies, ritual prayer and for healing. The wood is believed to bring many benefits including relief from headaches, the common cold, reducing stress and anxiety and also reducing inflammation and effects of allergies.

This product is harvested with respect and without harming the Palo Santo tree. Only wood that has been lying on the forest floor for 4-10 years is used. Every fallen tree that is used is replaced with a seedling to continue the supply of Palo Santo for years to come. Origin - coast of South America.

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