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Crystal Shapes

We both have so much fun shopping for crystals. We have, however, realised we both are constantly drawn towards spheres (though I am also partial to a nice cluster or generator). 

So this brings us to the question: do shapes have any impact on the crystal and how it is to be used??

Let’s have a look at some of shapes available.


It has been said that every home needs a quartz point crystal as it is a ‘beacon of shining light’. These crystals increase your vibration and amplify your intentions.  Healers will often use these crystals as they are able to direct the energy flow, when pointed toward the body it draws energy in, when pointed away from the body it draws energy off.  This is extremely useful as it allows you to control the flow of energy.

Double termination

This is said to be a stone of balance as the shape allows energy to both radiate and absorb at both ends.  This double termination absorbs negative energy and helps break patterns, it acts as a bridge connecting 2 parts. By unblocking energy it allows energy to flow freely again. 


I love clusters as they work with group energy - they are great in meditation groups and classes as they expand the mind to reach the spiritual word. I also have some beautiful clusters in my home as they raise awareness and promote mindfulness - which is always helpful. Clusters are also useful for cleansing other crystals - I place my jewellery on an amethyst to keep them cleansed and charged.


These are grounding and energizing as they are so connected to the earth.  They are said to hold the energy within them and allow it to softly seep out into the environment. These crystals are useful for protection and spiritual growth. I also place crystals within my amethyst geode for cleansing and charging - they have such a beautiful energy.


The beautiful sphere…..we can’t get enough of them…. Personally I have them in clear quartz, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, fluorite, rose quartz….and not just one of each either!!! Spheres emit energy evenly in all directions. They calm and neutralize negative emotions and puts one’s mind at ease. Occasionally you can get a clear sphere but most of the time you can see beautiful galaxies, rainbows and whispy clouds in them. They are also said to allow one to see the past, present and future within them. They are truly stunning.


Squares are said to correspond to the root chakra and are therefore very grounding. The energy is consolidated within its form. They help one anchor intention and transform negative energy to positive. 


A pyramid amplifies the energy of the crystal and then channels it tightly through the apex. This shape enhances and focuses the properties of the crystal. It draws in negative energy and raises the vibration. It is great for manifestation work.


The egg is symbolic of fertility, new beginnings, love, creativity, abundance and happiness. It confines the energy within its shape. These crystals are great for detecting blockages and are often used by reflexology and acupressure. They shield, heal and strengthen the aura.  


These stones have no shape. The energy rapidly flows through as it has no rigid internal organisation. A crystal in this shape is both strong acting and has an instant effect on an individual.


These connect us to our ancestors, guides and spiritual teachers and masters.  They are both healing and protective.  They are said to be wise and connect us to the past, present and future. It is said many of the indigenous cultures around the world, such as Mayans, Aztecs and so on all have stories about crystals skulls and the power they contain within them.


These beautiful crystals allow us to connect to higher vibrations and bring in angelic support.  They are both protective and healing.