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Crystal Grids

Rather than using a single crystal for supporting your intention, perhaps you could try using a crystal grid. These can be more powerful as they weave together the properties of several different types of crystals, thereby creating a more powerful, more focused energy for you to work with.

There are lots of different ways to do grids, it is important you follow your intuition and do what feels right for you. Some people use sacred geometry, others don’t, but if you would like a place to start, that might be it. 

With a grid you have a crystal in the centre. This is called the focus crystal and is used to gather, focus and amplify the universal life force into the grid. All of the other crystals are gridded around this crystal.  

The smaller crystals around the focus stone are called way crystals. These crystals modify and direct the flow of energy towards the desire stones. These stones give you the energy to take things one step at a time and lead us on our path to our desired outcome. 

The desire crystals are placed in the outermost position of the grid and disperse the energy to us. The selection of the desire stones is based on the final purpose of the grid. These are often the crystals that we pick for a specific purpose.

The outer circle protects our grid from outside influences. It is said that crystals that create a barrier against negative energy are good to use as an outside grid, having said that other people might just use salt, or create a barrier using their hand or visualising one. Again, it is up to you.

To create a grid: 

  • First pick your stones, then cleanse, charge and program them with your intention. 
  • Clear the space you are working in, for example you might like to smudge the room you are working in to clear the energy.  
  • Ground yourself by sitting quietly and focusing on your desire for the grid.   
  • For every stone placement it is important to visualise in your mind what your intention is. Remember, intent is everything!!! Place your crystals in the grid, focusing on your intention every step of the way.  
  • At the end, you must connect the crystals to each other and the focus crystal so their energies work together. This can be done by using a crystal point, a wand or even a twig. Begin the connection process with the focus crystal and finish with the focus crystal. These connections create the path of the grid. The path is the journey to the desire we seek. When you finish, you might like to take the energy up towards the heavens to lift your intention up.