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Choosing Crystals

We never really OWN a crystal….. we are just its keeper. I have heard many stories of people losing crystals and, in fact I have also lost several…..one down the toilet, but that’s another story (it wasn’t a yoni egg!) I have also heard of crystals just “turning up” in peoples collections. These stories are all reminders that a crystal will stay with us while we need them, but they will also move on to the next person when we don’t.

One of the best ways you can choose a crystal is to use your intuition. This is not as difficult as it sounds but many people find it difficult to let go and trust they have chosen the right crystal. If you are buying crystals online choose a reputable website such as www.crystalsanctuary.com.au to ensure you are getting good quality crystals. The crystal that you keep going back to look at is the one for you, it is the crystal you “can’t forget” and you “must have” (particularly if you go back to look at it the next day). If you are in a shop it is the crystal you cannot put down. If I am carrying a crystal around the shop and I feel ‘uncomfortable’ putting it back, then I know that crystal is the one for me…..for now…..

Another way to choose a crystal is with intention, then intuition. Let me explain, you can choose a crystal by its properties, for eg if you want abundance you may decide you want a citrine….but then you still have to use your intuition when deciding which citrine you want to purchase.

Some people even use a pendulum to help them choose a crystal. With this method you place the pendulum over the crystal and ask if it the right crystal for you. If you get a strong yes, that’s is pretty much your answer to go ahead and purchase the item you are looking at.

Now back to my toilet story….a friend gave me a crystal but I had nowhere to put it so I tucked it into the waistband of my trousers.  I then completely forgot about it when I went to the bathroom…..and dropped it straight into the toilet.  Maybe I should have tucked it into my bra instead….???