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Abundance ūüíú


As we are right in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations, the focus for us has been on what we would like to manifest and create for 2020.


For many, at the top of the list is abundance. We are currently doing Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance meditations with a group of like minded people. These meditations give me 5 minutes out of the day to just stop and focus on my goals, while the group energy is really lovely and amplifies the work we are doing.
We can also use crystals as tools to help us recognise and accept opportunities that are presented to us. The crystals I am using include my magnificent citrine sphere - also known as the lucky merchants stone; my green jade to help keep me focused on the big picture; my aventurine - also known as the stone of opportunity; and tigers eye, to help me see things from a different perspective.
Pyrite (fools gold) is another popular crystal that can be used as it is said to instill wisdom and confidence - something many of us may find useful. I wear some of these stones as jewellery, others are chunky pieces on my shelf. You can even place stones in your purse or wallet, or near your cash register or account book.
The bigger pieces I have are on the shelf are near my selenite to keep them cleansed and charged; and near my clear quartz which is wonderful for amplifying the energy.
Here is to a wonderful 2020!!

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