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We are living in interesting times- to say the least.  
We are in the midst of writing history- creating stories and lessons that will be passed from one generation to the next.
Stories about fear, loss, anxiety and toilet rolls...... but there will also be stories about kindness, compassion and how we made the best of a difficult situation.
In order to keep our energies high it is helpful to focus less on fear and negativity as that will impact on our physical being bringing our energies down.  
There are a number of crystals that are said to help us manage negativity:.
Obsidian is very grounding and connects us to mother earth
Onyx helps stop the negative train of thought that runs thru our mind when we let it- this might be particularly useful at this present moment in time  when we are constantly being bombarded with information from the media.
Black Tourmaline is grounding and protective.
Hematite is helpful for mental strength.
Labradorite helps us face our fears while offering protection.
Larimar is said to help us move thru stress and change by amplifying and focusing on the Universal Life force- you gotta love that!!
Fear can also mean Face Everything And Rise- it is time to do this together.
Black Tourmaline pendant pictured. 

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