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Self Isolation


Self isolation is a bit tricky..... trying to keep the kids entertained while  keeping our sanity is difficult. 
At this time we are quite into sound healing. The soothing sounds can calm frazzled minds....and there are many practitioners who have accounts on YouTube so we can all listen to them!!!
Katie Underwood from Underwood Healing who is a personal favourite of mine here in Melbourne. Katie is currently running free meditation sound sessions on her Facebook page so go check her out!
All of these practitioners are incredible.  The beautiful women we have listed we had the fortune of listening to at seven sisters, Avishai I have been a fan of for a few years now.  If you know of other people we could list, please make suggestions via email or our social media pages...... we all need to get through this with our sanity intact.....😁
Don't forget to also hang on to some crystals .......some amethyst, rose quartz, celestite, fluorite, leopardolite and blue lace agate are all calming and help sooth the soul ...... combine these with sound healing .....and we will all get thru this together. 😁

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