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Wiccan Sabbats - Mabon


Mabon is the time of the second harvest.

For us, as women, it is time to celebrate the ageing of the goddess as she moves from mother to crone. It is also said that at this time the goddess descends into the underworld, causing the decline in nature and the coming of winter (please look up the story of Persephone and Demeter).

Mabon is the first of the equinoxes, where the hours of light and dark are of equal length. From this day forward the sun starts to lose its strength and will continue to diminish until the arrival of the winter solstice.

It is a time of change.

Communities would come together to prepare for the long winter ahead. They prepare foods with activities such as making jam and salting meat, these become social events to be enjoyed by all. Everyone in the community understood this preparation for the darkness ahead was key for their survival.

As there is abundant fruit and vegetables at this time, it is a time of gratitude. A time to reap what has been sown and a time to celebrate home and hearth. It is a social time where families come together to help each other. A time of protection, wealth and prosperity.

But, it is also a time to rest and reflect as we move steadily towards the darkness of winter.

So for us in this modern era, Mabon is a time to complete projects, a time for cleansing, clearing and letting go of what you no longer need.

It is also a time of celebration with family and friends before we move towards a period of rest and quiet reflection.

As part of your celebrations it may be useful to incorporate crystals in your practice for grounding. Crystals such as red jasper, red garnet and rhodonite bring in beautiful earth energy and is associated with our root chakra thereby helping us with our survival instincts for the months ahead. Carnelian helps us look at our past lives and reincarnation, while smoky quartz is also associated with death and the afterlife. Black obsidian is also great for releasing connections to people or energy that no longer serves you. Meanwhile Hematite is associated with the earth star chakra, thus, connecting us to the earths core, grounding, balancing and protecting us against the darkness ahead.

It may also be of benefit to bring in crystals associated with the sun to combat the darkness. Crystals such as citrine is good for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as it is a stone of hope and joy; amber helps us connect to the earth and is powerful for healing cleansing and connecting; while the herkimer diamond helps us release fears and assists us with finding clarity.

Or, you may want to work with a moonstone and sunstone for the balance of masculine and feminine energies as Hibiscus moon does in her practice.

Crystal skulls are also very symbolic as they remind us of death and the survival of the soul. If you have some, put them on display for all to see.

It is easy to incorporate crystals into your everyday life. You may want to put them on an altar; or in a crystal grid; hold them in meditation; or use them in a gem elixir or a crystal bath; and of course they can also be worn or carried, something we like to do everyday.


If you want, check out our doTERRA range of oils. You might like to try:

Frankincense - for grounding and balance.

Myrrh - to help release fears around death.

Cedar - for surrender.

Pine - for the hope of new beginnings.

Or the oil blend "Balance".

You can put these oils in a massage base or make up a room spray to use in the home.


We use these great websites for resources and we encourage you to do the same. (see below)






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