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Seven Sisters experience!


We were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to go to Seven Sisters on the weekend - the energy of which is sustaining us through the chaos swirling around us at the moment in the panic of Covid-19.

While there, we heard from some amazing speakers and listened to some incredible sound healings, not to mention the various workshops we were able to participate in.

On the first day, we were fortunate enough to hear Lunar Gaia speak. If you can, please follow her on social media -  she is a powerful speaker who invoked a lot of thought and discussion on society’s representation of women.

We also looked at how we treated ourselves, this resulted in many “aha” moments for all in the audience.  Most importantly, she showed us how we can learn to love ourselves. Lou van Stone was incredible, as was Hypnotheric Soundscape. We also  participated in a workshop with Ruth Ogilvy and joined the Sovereign Woman women's circle.  

The whole weekend we were surrounded by supportive, amazing women who were there for each other without judgement. Finally we finished off with Soul Circle drumming with Djulz Chambers - this really was the best way to end an amazing weekend as everyone was drumming and dancing.....So much fun....!!

For us it was a reminder to find our centre in the chaos of the world. Meditate. Maintain calm. Use the powerful healing of Crystals and sound and, above all, surround yourself with inspiring people that motivate and love you!

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