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“I call upon the resources of mind and the inspiration of spirit, so that I may speak with the voice of wisdom”

Naisha Ahsian

The Book Of Stones


Every month I have the wonderful pleasure of meditating with a group of like- minded people, while holding a crystal that has been chosen for us to explore for the month ahead. The crystal we held this month was a beautiful tumbled Sapphire.  Needless to say the meditation was amazing. The sapphire is considered a stone of wisdom, it is said to both focus and calm the mind - this is something many of us need in the busy world of today. The sapphire is said to help one release unwanted thought and tension while instilling a sense of peace. It helps one stay on the spiritual path and is associated with love and purity. It is also called the ‘stone of prosperity’, and assists one in fulfilling ones dreams and desires. I might need to purchase some sapphire…….

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