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Choosing Growth Over Damage


I have been fortunate enough to do some incredible courses over the weekend with an amazing teacher. There was a lot of learning to be had, however there is one comment she made that I wanted to share….

"Every situation has one of two outcomes.  

  1. Damage
  2. Growth

If we choose damage, there is no growth, if we choose growth there is no damage."...Kachina Maan.  

There are many crystals that can help us choose growth over damage, however there are two standout crystals said to be helpful for decisiveness, they are Ametrine and Fluorite.


Supports one to take control of their life.  Helps release blockages including negative emotional programming and expectations - this leads to clarity, focus and ultimately transformation. 


Dissolves fixed patterns of behaviour. Opens the door to the subconscious to allow one to look for a positive resolution to a situation. Stabilising effect on the mind and emotions. Increases self-confidence. 

Together, let us choose growth every single day.

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