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"When you have faith and you have trust, you have peace."...V.O.L


We both did a course over the weekend where we were able to explore the world of clear quartz. We already knew that clear quartz is considered, by many, to be a master healer, but what we learned added a whole other dimension to our knowledge base.

We did lots of meditating over the course of the day and learned an incredible amount about ourselves and each other, with the help of our wonderful, gifted teacher.

Personally I love doing courses as we get to sit in a bubble of positive energy all day - really, who wouldn’t like that?? I also find doing the occasional course keeps me focused on my goals and my vision. Together, our vision for Crystal Sanctuary is to make a positive difference to the lives of others - this course is helping to keep us focused on this vision.

If you have an individual goal or vision and you don’t have the opportunity to go to a course, read our article on ‘grids’ located in the resource file of our menu,  This is another very useful tool to add to your toolkit. Grids help us maintain focus and see the vision through to the end, very handy if, like me, you get distracted along the way…..


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